In-banner Transactions

Drastically increase conversions

InBanner combines the banner with the payments steps into one, making it fast and simple for visitors to make a transaction. InBanner gives affiliates the ability to use the power of Bank Payments within banners on any domain and site. Our technology enables a flow that immediately converts traffic into potential transactions, conversion without leaving the affiliate’s page.

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Convert Traffic

No redirects, new tabs or windows. We convert your visitors there and then.

In-Banner Payment In-banner payment

No need for extra redirects or new tabs - visitors stay on your page and complete the entire process

Easily deployed Easy to deploy

Works as a traditional banner or link and integrates seamlessly without having to code anything

Easyto use Easy to use

"Works just like a checkout and provides a quick and intuitive process that's easy-to-use."

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InBanner provides affiliates with everything from dashboard stats, campaign lists and transaction reports to stats on impressions, clicks, "lost transactions" and more. Quickly generate tags for different campaigns and sites that you can use in your web content and InBanner will handle the rest.

In-banner & social media widgets

No more lost traffic or lost customer interest. InBanner helps to convert more transactions by allowing visitors to pay immediately instead of first redirecting them away from the affiliate’s site. Our solution even works with social media platforms like Facebook, Snap, Instagram or any app that uses a webview or iframe. Everyone wins.

In Banner & Social Media Widgets
IB Cloud SaaS widget solution

Cloud SaaS widget solution

InBanner is a SaaS widget solution. No lengthy setup process to get things going, no need for an entire development team to spend hours on adapting and implementing – we’ve spent those hours for you. The solution can be used on your existing creative elements with little to no altering. On iframes, webviews and text links as well.

Simple Integration

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Analytics Analytics

Keep track of impressions, clicks, transactions and more

Campaigns Campaigns

Easily create different types of campaign codes automatically for your sites and web content

Inventory Inventory

Manage your inventory of sites and widgets

User Management User Management

Add additional users to access and manage your campaigns, stats, reports and inventory

Transparency Transparency

Get instant feedback if a visitor successfully completed a transaction

Reporting Reporting

Generate various performance and trend reports for full insight

Cloud Hosting Cloud Hosting

Everything runs fast and stable in our cloud

Tracking Tracking

Easily add Facebook and Google Analytics pixel tracking to your campaigns

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